I set up a in china out of hunger – China-based Ghanaian CEO

CEO of Gasor Electric, Daniel Elorm Oben-Torkornoo, has disclosed that he set up a in China out of hunger while studying for his PhD. 

In an interview on SVTV AFRICA, the China-based Ghanaian revealed that after registering his , he had no business transactions for about six months. While studying for his PhD, Daniel had a small business exporting goods to other countries on demand. However, he wanted more. 

“I set up the out of hunger. I had a small business where I bought goods for people on demand. I wanted God’s blessings, but what if someone has to send me a huge amount? That’s why I decided to register a and an account, but I had no transactions for about eight months,” he said. 

Speaking about working with Chinese people and employing some, Daniel revealed that a Chinese worker quit working for him because of his race. However, he mentioned that the Chinese government gives out loans to its citizens to establish companies. 

“I know one or two guys who have businesses here, but they are married to Chinese women. It is easy to get investments if you are married to a Chinese or have a Chinese business partner. They just want to give out money, but unfortunately for me, I don’t qualify,” he said. 

Daniel’s sells electronic bikes and scooters worldwide. Aside from his CEO duties, Daniel works as an economics teacher. 

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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