Add this to your diet for one week and experience the numerous health benefits for yourself.

Whether it is your grandma directing you to chew a few pieces of raw ginger for your cold or your mother adding ground ginger in supper to make it taste better ginger is one of the ingredients most of us can’t do without in our households.

Ginger is one of the most well known remedies for lots of sicknesses especially in African and Asian cultures.It can be used in all forms, ground to make a paste or oil or chewed in its raw state.The health benefits of ginger can also not be disputed.

For one it helps in fighting acne and dark spots and brightening skin in general.I have personally used ginger and a few other ingredients as face mask for acne and it worked wonderfully overnight.

Another health benefit is it aids in digestion.It contains certain toxins that aids the body to properly digest food and prevent ingestion.It also helps in the overall functioning of the body.

Ginger has also been proven to aid in hair growth.It can be seen on a lot of hair products that ginger is a very active ingredient incorporated to help fight against hair breakage and improve hair growth as well.

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