Saddik Adams calls for accountability after the exit of the Black Satrs

Surprisingly, the Black Stars turned their doubters into believers after the five star performance against Portugal and South Korea after the first two matches.

Unfortunately, the team has disappointed the nation by ditching the hope ignited among patriots and football lovers.

Once the team exits the scene, it is time for criticisms from all angles. Notable among the criticisms are selection issues and accountability.

Just after the exit from group H, the ace sports journalist Saddik Adams has called on the Ghana Football Association and the Sports Ministry to come back home as soon as possible in order to render accounts to the public.

“Anyway, we have millions of dollars to come back and reinvest into our game.

“We have saved million dollars of qualification bonus to help us begin to fix key areas. This is my focus and this should be our biggest focus. Don’t sleep over it. ACCOUNTABILITY.”

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Saddik Adams