12 Things You Should And Shouldn’t Do When Visiting Someone’s House

Whether you are visiting for the first time or not, these are few things to remember while being at someone’s house. That being said, below are 13 things you should and shouldn’t do when visiting someone’s house.

1. When you are welcomed into a house, the first thing to do is clean yourself up. Wash your feet, wash your face and please don’t simply sit on the couch with stinking feet. That is a very gross thing to encounter for your host.

2. As far as possible make sure that you eat something on the way and not bother the host especially if you make it to their house before meal time. If you are going to reach late inform them. And yes, if you are hungry, ask for food politely. Your hosts aren’t working for you so make sure you follow your damn manners.

3. Eat your meals and carry your own plate to the kitchen. Again don’t consider your hosts to be working for you. If possible wash your own plates and do offer to help.

4. Do not go into bedrooms. Have this manner to not go into someone else’s room. If you have something to get or you want to keep your stuffs, ask them first!

5. Don’t talk too much coming to someone’s house. No one is keen there to listen to you. Talk politely and softly. And there is no need to talk on your self accomplishments unless asked. So know how to use your tongue.

6. Don’t ask your hosts as to what they earn and how they managed to buy a flat of their own. That is none of your business. Make sure you don’t cross the personal boundary.

7. If you are staying up to three days, it’s fine. If it got to extend, find some other places inorder to give your host a break.

8. Don’t use the computers at their homes and even television without permission. Have some manners.

10. Don’t bring home anyone you want to. This is your host’s place not yours.

11. Bring your own clothes and if you require to borrow them from your hosts, make sure you wash it. Don’t be an ass hole.

12. Don’t disturb your hosts unnecessarily. And never complain of food. They are not there to serve you as you desire.

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