Obuasi Rotary Club Donates Free Pads To 600 Girls In The Obuasi Municipality

Rotary Club of Obuasi in partnership with the Obuasi-based NGO Girls Shall Grow have donated supplies of free sanitary pads that can last for at least six months to 600 girls from the Obuasi East and Akrofuom Districts, two communities within the Obuasi Municipality.

They also took the opportunity to inform girls about menstrual hygiene and teen pregnancy.

In a statement made by the President of Rotary International, he shared how all clubs were instructed to make girl-child empowerment their top focus for the years 2021 and 2022.

The Obuasi Rotary Club’s former president, Mr. Sarwan Kumar, who led the club in making the donation, emphasized the significance of helping girls throughout menstrual periods.

He claimed that the group was aware of the difficulties most girls encounter throughout their menstruation period. 

“As part of our effort to empower girls, we have chosen to inform them about healthy menstruation, teenage pregnancy, and to provide them with sanitary pads they can use for the following six months. We are hopeful that this will relieve the girl child and their parents of some of the stress, allowing them to concentrate more on their schoolwork, he said.

Godfrey Mwachande, the president-elect of Obuasi Rotary, reaffirmed that the club would continue to support girls during menstruation in an effort to reach communities outside of Obuasi. He emphasized on the need for more sensitization as menstruation is a natural process, adding that the various clubs are aware of the difficulties and are always prepared to assist.

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