Genetical Conditions That Affect The Limbs Of Individuals Causing “Deformities”. [Photos]

Many body features are affected genetically when a child is conceived till birth and it has modified alot of people’s appearances.

Lets take a look at some of the genetic conditions that affect the limbs of individuals.

1. Born with anonychia and no finger nails

Finger nails is something that is believed to be part of the natural body that people are born with, but that isn’t necessarily true.

People who are born with Anonychia doesn’t have finger nails and can’t grow them by any sort. So if we have finger nails for a reason and some people are born without them but can actually survive, then it goes to show that we can live with or without finger nails.

But imagine how crazily painful it will be when you hit your toes or fingers against something without the protection of these nails.

2. Yellow finger tips from Reynaud’s Disease

Hands and feet are the first part of the body that feels it when the weather or the atmosphere is cold but it’s believed that if you keep your extremities (fingers, feet) warm, you will survive longer in the cold. However, some individuals are born with a condition called Reynaud’s Disease which weakens their extremities ability to regulate and makes them highly sensitive therefore they turn yellow or blue but once they are warmed up, they return to normal.

3. Crab Hand

The hands are the most essential part of the body and it is probably very difficult to live a normal life without limbs or less functioning of them.

There are people that are not born with these normal traditional hands but with a crab-like claws and doesn’t look like a normal hand.

It would seem difficult and limits the of the hand if it looks like this.

4. Sixth Finger

You might have seen people with extra toes but not just like a normal toe you would probably expect, people are also born with extra finger just like this little baby. These extra finger can actually add extra when it comes to playing instruments like the piano and also basketball.

5. Extremely Long Arms

Ever thought how you would look if you had long arms?

Well some people are born with extremely long arms which are not in proportion with the other body parts. However this long arms can be helpful in so many ways such as reaching things, giving good hugs and player basketball or being a goalkeeper but they can also be quite frustrating too but can also be interesting.

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