My Husband Forced Me To Do Abortion After I Got Pregnant For Him-A Married Woman Laments

I’m called Ama from Obuasi, I married my husband named Kofi in 2016, we both loved each other and always support each other. But one thing I don’t like about my husband is that he sleeps with me day and night but every time I got pregnant for him, he convinced me to abort the pregnancy claiming that he was in a financial crisis.

I thought this behavior of him would stop when we had enough money to help us when we had a child. I was concerned about this problem and longed to have a child of my own. I had to listen to his advice and do the abortion. A few months later I got pregnant again and this time I kept it a secret until we could no longer abort the pregnancy. After I delivered my child, we both took care of the child, then my husband went to work in Krofrom.

I used to visit him every weekend, but when I got pregnant again, Kofi again told me that he was not responsible for the pregnancy, I still had to have an abortion and moved on with my life. We had a misunderstanding about our finances and broke up. A year later, my husband came to ask for forgiveness and reconciled with me. We had a good conversation that evening and also had sexual encounters.

A month later, I learned that I was pregnant with my husband. When I informed him, Kofi got angry and gave me money to buy medicine for another abortion. Although I took Ghc500 from my husband but I did not have an abortion. A few days later I informed Kofi about the pregnancy but he told me that he would never give me money to take care of the pregnancy and even after the birth he would not help me raise the child.

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