Fella Makafui dares not divorce Medikal else she can’t stand the shame and mockery from Ghanaians – Ruthy » ™

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Divorce rumors have been swirling around the Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui and her husband, Medikal, but the couple has kept their fans in the dark by posting cryptic comments on social media.

After Medikal’s Twitter account was banned for impersonating the president of the Republic of Ghana, Akufo Addo, rumors spread online that the power couple had split.

The ‘YOLO’ star posted about making the most difficult choice of her life after the tragedy.

Kalyjay, a Twitter influencer, responded to Fella’s famous remark on wives and obedience with a tweet of his own.

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“Wives should be respectful, submissive, appreciative and stress-free,” the text from Medikal read.

Furthermore, a look at either Medikal’s or Fella Makfui’s Instagram profiles reveals that they have removed other photos from the site.

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After the original postings were deleted, Medikal made a new one to reassure his followers that their daughter would be OK no matter what had transpired between him and Fella.

How far the two have gone to ostensibly dissolve their marriage and go their separate ways is made evident by Medikal’s comments regarding their kid.

Amidst this, entertainment critic Ruthy has been following the entire controversy closely and has spoken up.

Ruthy on SayIt Tv claims that Fella Makafui dares not divorce Medial else she can’t stand the shame and mockery from Ghanaians considering how Fella Makafui snatched Medikal from Sister Derby.




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