Delta United Group CEO supports Urban Africa Youth Academy with sports equipment

The Chief Executive Officer of Delta United Group, Mr Sabri Rezk, through business magnate and philanthropist, Yasmin Behzadi, has supported the Urban Africa Youth Academy with some sports equipment to sharpen the young players’ football skills.

The donation, which was spearheaded by the company’s CEO, Mr Sabri Rezk, had the sports Academy received over hundred (100) sports equipment at the Kaneshie Bishop Park in Accra, to motivate young football enthusiasts, the items included soccer balls, football shoes, and football jerseys.

Speaking to the media, Miss Behzadi expressed her gratitude to Mr Sabri Rezk and Delta United Group for the support for the young footballers.

She also donated some sports equipment to encourage the young talents to chase their dreams.

Business magnate and philanthropist, Yasmin Behzadi

She said, the support from Delta United Group will help the young players aspire higher and achieve greater things in their endeavours.

Furthermore, she also encouraged the young players to take their schooling seriously just like their football dreams.

Delta United Group and Yasmin Behzadi are strong believers that a successful future can be built by supporting young people who are enthused about their future.

Mr Sabri Rezk, Italian/Libyan citizen, who has worked in Rome with frequent missions to Tripoli, Milan, and Malta.

Chief Executive Officer of Delta United Group, Mr Sabri Rezk

During such a period, he actively participated in important negotiations with Libyan and Italian high-ranking government officials.

Such negotiations, on behalf of the Libyan National Oil Corporation, are about the ENI Green stream gas-pipeline, between Libya and Sicily, and various other projects.

Delta United Group, an Oil and Gas, power and infrastructures company was established in Tripoli, strategically suited for working in the reconstruction and restoration of Libyan industries and infrastructure, bringing expertise, commitments, and knowledge from abroad. It has expanded to the UAE and the USA.

Yasmin Behzadi is a Dubai based businesswoman and a philanthropist whose aim is to motivate young sports personalities across Africa not only to pursue sports but also to consider being educated to compete well on the world pitch.

She has single-handedly supported the more than 100 young players at the Kaneshie Bishop Park with sports equipment for over three years consistently.