Never compare hardship in Ghana to abroad while enjoying child benefits, free education – Man slams

UK-based Ghanaian, Obudo has challenged Ghanaians living abroad to show evidence of prices increasing daily as in Ghana. 

Speaking on SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, Obudo stated that such complaints about Europe and the UK experiencing such economic hardship are false. Moreover, Obudo indicated that he believes Ghanaians abroad are ridiculing those living in Ghana. 

“I want one person living in the UK, America, or Europe to show me receipts of price increments daily. I only see such complaints as mockery because we are responsible for families back home.  

If it were that difficult here, we would not have been able to take care of the family in Ghana. The hardship Ghanaians are experiencing cannot be compared to what we call hardship. We will flee to Ghana if we experience such hardship,” he said. 

Moreover, Obudo stated that Ghanaians in the diaspora must not compare the economic crisis in Ghana to that in Europe and the UK. He added that such individuals might be using such complaints as an excuse to stop providing for their families back home. 

“My kids can say they are daddy’s children because I can cater for them. If I were still in Ghana, I might have fled from home. Have you heard that our government has cancelled child benefits? 

Have you heard that our government is asking us to pay school fees? Don’t compare what is going on in Ghana to the UK. Just tell your family you do not want to send them money anymore. A country full of jobs?” he added. 

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