[Bitter Truth] Has The President Failed Those Who Dearly Supports Him With This ‘Sour’ Speech?

President Akufo-Addo tonight, Sunday, October 30, 2022, delivered a message to the country on the state of the economy.

It can be recalled that several calls had been made by economists and political commentators on why Akufo-Addo had to address the nation.

Many said an address will soothe Ghanaians and console them that at least the President cared about the economic situation of the country.

This is what many expected the President to say in his address. 

1. That he is sorry for the pain and difficulties families and businesses are facing in the country. 

2. As part of efforts to restore confidence, he has accepted the resignation of the Minister for Finance.

3. Name a replacement and encourage parliament to expedite action in passing the new minister 

4. Announce a 50 percent cut in the salary of the President, Vice President, Ministers, and Chief Executive Officers.

5. Reduce the size of the government by 40 percent.

6. All non-essential public sector workers should work from home to ease the burden of the cost of commuting to work. 

7. Extension of the moratorium on all non-essential foreign travels by ministers, and government appointees. 

8. All Ministers, and appointees who have to travel out of the country should fly economy class 

9. Announce a review of the SHS implementation to cover only wards from low-income families. 

10. Tax on sugar products, as well as imported rice and other consumer goods that are imported. This is to encourage the citizenry to patronize more locally-made food items. 

11. Offer incentives to businesses to stay afloat. 

12. Call a national dialogue/summit on the economy to include Professionals and persons from different political persuasions among other solutions. 

These are practical solutions to a crisis. But alas, they won’t listen to anyone but themselves.

The question is, has the president failed those who was dearly in love with him with this speech?


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