Ghana Is In Crisis And On The Brink Of Economic Collapse -Ivan Innocent Urges Prez To Resign

For how long shall things continue to worsen while those at the helm of this administration in the country, talk the talk without a proper course of action to alleviate the plight of the masses? Without a doubt, it seems those voted into power to solve the problems have no clue about doing so.

Ivan Innocent Kyei shared the above sentiment this morning on Onua Tv and gave his general view on the president’s speech to the nation. He appears unimpressed with the address of the President and labeled it as insignificant.

The gentleman opined that the speech was uninspiring as Ghanaians were expecting the first gentleman of the land to provide some short and medium-term solutions to the economic crisis, he rather exhibited how unprepared he was to speak to the people.

He made cogent recommendations and stated that the arrest of those trading dollars on the streets won’t solve the depreciation of the cedi until the government makes the dollar unattractive to the masses.

In addition, he suggested we patronize homegrown produce and curtail the rate at which we import into the country. 

“We need innovative minds to solve the country’s problems, unfortunately, the President has surrounded himself with cronies and nobody can tell him things are going wrong. Hence, he must resign,” he concluded.

You can watch the video here

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Ivan Innocent Kyei