“Thank You For Loving Me My Sugar Banana” – Xandy Kamel Introduces Her New Boyfriend In A New Style

The Ghanaian actress, radio, and TV presenter, Xandy Karmel has introduced her new boyfriend, and many Ghanaians after coming across this video couldn’t keep mute over it. The Ghanaian actress tied the knot with King Kaninja, a sports presenter, in May 2020 but their marriage ended in the middle of 2021. Xandy Kamel narrated her bitter experience of marriage with Kaninja and many Ghanaians thought that it will take her many years to fall in love again.

However, Xandy Kamel has introduced her new boyfriend to Ghanaians in a strange style, and many social media users after looking at the picture said that she seems to be deeply in love with the guy. If you watch the picture carefully, you can see that Xandy Kamel is squatting romantically in front of this guy as he is also having a lovely smile on his face.

This is what Xandy Kamel wrote on her official Instagram page, “My sugar banana, My baby boo, Thanks for loving me regardless. Bra K, I love you so much”.

Some Ghanaians after coming across her post wished her good luck in her new love journey after her painful divorce from Kaninja. Others advised her not to rush into a relationship because it had been just a year since she got divorced from Kaninja.

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