We Need A Few Military Men To Step Into The Markets – Saddick Adams

Award-winning sports journalist Saddick Adams has taken to his Timeline to express his sentiments concerning the economic situation in the country, particularly in the nation’s capital, Accra.

He expressed that based on what was happening in most markets it may be necessary for some soldiers to get into the market to curtail possible hoarding and extortion.

“Like joke like joke, perhaps we need a few honest military men to step into the markets. What’s happening is close to hoarding and extortion. Some are refusing to sell commodities and others treacherously inflating prices. It’s a silent conspiracy.”

It appears some traders are over-exploiting consumers by charging outrageously high prices for goods and services using the rise of the dollar as an excuse.

Some have also joined NPP communicators to sound like broken records by using the Russia-Ukraine war and covid-19 as the cause of the galloping prices.

The purchasing power of citizens is fast dwindling to a life-threatening level and there seems to be no hope in sight. The economy is in dire distress and something needs to be done about it now rather than later.


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Saddick Adams