Should We Stop Giving Pastors Our Tithe? See The Bible Verse That Instructs On How To Pay Tithe

You can read the Bible like a book, but you won’t understand what it means without the help of the Holy Spirit. Asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten your Bible reading is essential, for this reason. Therefore, we concentrate on Deuteronomy 14 verses 22–29. The Bible advises us to set aside at least 10% of our earnings. How would you distribute 10% of your total income is the issue that needs a response.

This verse of Scripture has always baffled Christians. They are to spend the money wisely for themselves rather than donate it to the clergy. If you live a great distance from the church, you can substitute bringing a little amount of silver for the tenth.

You must appear in the temple at that time, bearing any offerings you have made to the Lord your God, food and drink. You should give it to the poor and the Levites who were turned away from the supper place at the gate. Produce needs to be stored so that anyone in need can stop by your business when they’re hungry and pick up what they need. The verse, therefore, goes against core Christian doctrine.

As part of our worship rituals, we frequently present tithes and offerings to the altar. Following a prayer from the pastor, it will be delivered to the bank. It will then be put to the use that your spiritual guide has directed. No one will question his spending habits because he is an expert at managing money.

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