Sammy Gyamfi, A Simple Retraction And Apology Could Have Solved This

Renowned Ghanaian music producer, Fred Kyei Mensah has commented that, a simple retraction and apology from Sammy Gyamfi could have save him the huge amount to pay to NAPO.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Friday, 14th October 2022, he wrote;

“In one of my Uncle Nana Amakye Dede’s song, he admonishes us, to be circumspect when we hear a certain bad story about our “enemy” and try to embellish it.

Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Napo is a brother to me having known him for close to 44 years, a classmate, choir mate and both of us, were taught by the famous marriage counselor, Opanyin Kwadwo Kyere at Prempeh College in our Science Class.

Napo, is a man of principle and will tell you as it is and above all, God fearing. He’s human so, will definitely not be perfect. I can vouch for his integrity and benevolence. 

The recent court case involving Sammy Gyamfi and Napo, could have been easily avoided if he Sammy, could have simply obeyed the alternative resolution offered by Napo to this serious accusation leveled against him about a said guy involved in the 2019 kidnapping case of some Canadian girls in Kumasi, who Sammy Gyamfi said, run errands for Napo and accusing Napo as being an accomplice in the kidnapping saga. The court found Sammy Gyamfi’s accusations, to be false and has been slapped with a 500,000( five hundred thousand) cedi fine.

The deer, could have had a befitting funeral but for the intransigence of the leopard, all other animals abstained from it. If you poke the eyes of the cadaver, you find maggots!

Our politics, have become so vindictive, disrespectful, insults laden and mudslinging. A boastful warrior full of pride, would always be defeated in times of war. Let the music play on in the voice of Lionel Richie’s “All night long” song.

Suban ne Nimde3(character and integrity) is our hallmark as students of Prempeh College and we live and abide by it! You see your smoothness level? Next time!

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