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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Here Are Some Basic Tips On How To Overcome Stress.

Stress is a feeling of how we react when we are under intense pressure, this usually occurs when u find yourself in a situation u can’t handle.

Here are some basic tips on how to overcome stress from our daily activities:

Firstly, we must be assertive instead of being aggressive. We must assert our feelings, opinions or beliefs instead of being angry, defensive or passive in our daily activities we under. Being assertive helps avoid overcome stress.

We must make time for hobbies and interests such as playing video games and watching movies or reading stories as well. This helps to reduce stress.

We must not rely on alcohol, drugs or compulsive behaviors as this increase the tendency of being stressed.

Moreover we must sets limits appropriately and say no to request that would create excessive stress in our activities.

So these are some basic tips on how to overcome stress, if we persistently follow these tips we can overcome stress from our daily routine.

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