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Abena Cries On Tweeter As She Shares The Moment Her Dad Saw Her Without Anything On. [Photos]

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Awkward things happen and we encounter them day in day out which form part of life and sometimes this things can be extremely embarrassing.

A certain lady on her handle on Twitter shared a post which was supposed to be private to the public concerning the encounter she had with her “dad”.

In the tweet she said

” Today My Dad Entered My Room And Saw My ‘Nak3dness’. Herh Asem Nu Ahye Me Saaa”.

Her tweet drew the attention of her followers and other tweeters with some expressing their views on the matter.

In one of the comments,

Humility a follower replied “Is this something you have to share with people?

You have absolutely no respect. You are tampering with your father’s honour. Now anybody who knows you personally will look at your father with disrespect.

Be Wise next time”

Brooks also commented “The hard truth is, it’s inappropriate to bring such circumstances to Twitter.

You’ve set yourself up for an impending mockery. I’m sure a lot of times, the focus is getting the engagements but honestly, it’s needless. This tweet is in bad taste, awful and gravely disappointing”.

Bongo Ideas too didn’t relent and commented

“Same person will be in bikini at the beach/pool with 3/0 others. Same person would send her nudes to a stranger she calls her boyfriend.

These are the girls y’all simping over? Gosh!”

See some screenshots of some comments from more tweeters.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to post such things on the internet especially pertaining your family, it’s uncalled for.

See her photos below

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Herh Asem Nu Ahye Me Saaa

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