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Woman Tells Why Her Tenant Don’t Want Her To Rent Out His Room To Another Person After He Traveled

A woman named Maame Lydia shares why her tenant doesn’t want her rent out his room to another person after he travelled to his hometown six years ago. The woman explained that, her late husband built a house for her and four their children years before he fell sick and died 12 years ago. She tried her best to take care of her children and also rent out some rooms in the house to other people in the community.

Years ago, a young man named Botwey who is a capenter rented one of her rooms to stay with his family. She stayed peaceful with the man and the other tenants but he lost his job within a few years and started having financial problems. Maame Lydia said that her tenant then returned to his hometown in Sehwi with his family, leaving some of their belongings in the room.

Botwey told her not to rent the room to anyone else but he will keep on paying the rent till he comes back. He assured her that he will come back and continue with his work that’s why he doesn’t want her to give the room to anyone. The woman added that she accepted her tenant decision but he only paid the rent for the first year, that’s all, she didn’t receive any payments from him for six years now.

Maame Lydia says her worries was that, other people in the community wanted to rent this room but Botwey’s belongings are still in the room making it impossible for her to give it to others. The widow said it’s been six years since the Botwey left the house but hasn’t paid the rent. Maame Lydia claims that she wants the tenants to pay her Ghc6,640 as rhe rent for that six he left the house and also he should moved his belongings out of the room.

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