Video: Stop filming else you would be shot- Military man tells joy FM journalist at a mining site

The fight against galamsey has become the current affair in Ghana. On tv, on the radio, and in the marketplace everywhere you pass, people are sharing their opinion on the menacing activity.

The current administration made a promise to Ghanaians that they will do whatever possible to put a stop to it. Though they started it well as the saying goes, ” It’s not about how you start but how you will end.”

After deploring military men tagged ‘operation galam stop’, the illicit activities are still at their peak.

First, let’s elaborate on the term ‘Galamsey’. Gather them and selling is what gave birth to galamsey. Individuals illegally enter unapproved sites to mine gold. These sites include reserve forests, river bodies, historical places, etc.

Since the arrest of notorious Chinese Aisha Huang, Ghanaian journalists had taken the combat on their shoulders to eradicate the activities of illegal gold mining.

Multi-media journalist, Erastus Asare Donkor, shared his encounter with a military officer whom he met at one gold mining site called Akonta mining site.

According to the hardworking journalist, when they reached the mining site, they entered some of the mounted canopies which serve as a shelter to the military personnel on site. They saw uniforms and guns which indicates that these officers sleep at the site. He also talked about how their cameras and car were damaged by the officers. Talking about threatening, Erastus said, “One officer came to me and whispered into my eye, I have told you to stop filming, if my gun goes off, you will die and no one will celebrate you.” These words according to him keep ringing in his eyes and he will never forget them.

The fight against galamsey is not moving well as Ghanaians were expecting. Now, river bodies are being destroyed to the extent that they can not be treated for home consumption.

Ghana water has talked many times about how muddy water is destroying their treatment plant. Also, the Ghana health service has released a statement about the health implications of galamsey to Ghanaians.

Let’s all come together and relegate this illegal mining to the bottom.

Stop Galamsey Now!

Watch the video below

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