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Stop Eating These Foods Late At Night; It Can Affect Your Health Negatively

In Ghana, many people find themselves eating in the late hours of the night because they have no other option. Their employment makes it difficult for them to get home until late at night, forcing them to eat dinner when it is already late.

Eating late at night can have a number of detrimental health impacts, a higher risk of obesity, acid reflux, interrupted sleep, and in severe cases, indigestion. In today’s article, we will be looking at three foods or categories of food which can affect your health if you eat them at night.

1. Foods With High Starch.

If you intend to eat dinner late, stay away from starchy foods like cassava, plantain, pasta and rice. This is due to the body’s speedy conversion of dietary starch to sugar, which causes a sharp rise in blood sugar and insulin levels. You should refrain from consuming any starchy foods during dinner. The sugar is not used for energy as it normally would because the body is at rest and not working during the night. However, it is stored as fat, which can induce obesity. Foods like Fufu, and Ampesi must be avoided.

2. Foods that taste like spicy peppers

It is always advisable to sate your appetites earlier in the day if you want to avoid the drawbacks of eating spicy foods so late at night. Heartburn can be brought on by spicy foods, which can be especially dangerous if you eat them right before bed. Spicy foods have been found to aggravate bladder irritation, which might cause frequent midnight awakenings for bathroom breaks.

#3. Straightforward sugars

With their high glycemic index, cakes, pizzas, sodas, raw sugar, fruit juices, bread, and the majority of breakfast cereals should be avoided at night. This is because such foods digest and absorb nutrients quickly. Your body can rest and heal itself while you sleep, so whatever sugar you consume.


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