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Friday, December 2, 2022

Graduate Nurses Recruitment for 2022/2023

The Ministry of Health after securing financial clearance for the 2019 trained nurses from the public nursing colleges across the country has set a date to begin the recruitment process of this graduate nurses.

It has been noticed by the Ministry of Health in recent days on how these graduate nurses have been demonstrating to expunge their grievances to the government. This has prompted the ministry to come clear and with assurance to this protesting prospective nurses that the government has not sidelined them and they will be posted as soon as possible.

In a letter from the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service it has been stated enfactically that recruitment process will begin by 10th November, 2022 which therefore means that all this public graduate nurses from the 2019 batch should be compiling their documents to meet the necessary requirements in other to avoid stress and being unemployed during the time.

The requirements for the recruitment includes the following;

• Qualified applicants must be a graduate from the 2019 batch of trainees.

• Must complete a public well recognized nursing training college and have passed all their courses

• Must be registered under the Registered Nurses and Midwives Association.

• Must posses all academic and professional certificates

Applicants are not required to pay any money to anyone before applying. They are required to login to the Ghana Health Service recruitment portal which will be communicated soon to them during the application.

The ministry henceforth admonished that the impact of nurses in this country can not be underestimated and for that matter there should not be any call for alarm for their recruitment. Degree, Diploma and Certificate nurses will be those to be recruited into the Ghana Health Service come November.

So these graduate nurses are therefore urged to stay calm and stress free since plans have been made to absorb the 2019 batch into the Ghana Health Service and this will be done very soon.

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