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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Nadia Buari Gives Sarkodie A Cozy Peg, Ghanaians React.

It is not strange for celebrities to display affection toward each other publicly. However, such displays of affection will always grab attention when the celebrities involved are married and are not known for being intimate with other people besides their spouses.

A video making rounds on social media is one where Sarkodie, the decorated Ghanaian rapper was spotted with his arms around Nadia Buari, the veteran Ghanaian actress.

In the video, while Sarkodie was capturing the interaction, Nadia started drawing closer to Sarkodie and landed a peg on his cheeks.

Although deemed as a normal interaction, Ghanaians have reacted wildly to it. This is because Sarkodie has over the years presented himself as one who puts his wife on a pedestal and even refrains from being too close with other ladies when he shoots music videos.

Also, the duo are known to have spouses which make the interaction awkward to a degree should they be present and observing.

Some Ghanaians commented that Sarkodie knows he would get into trouble so when Nadia was landing the peg he quickly took the camera off them.

Video: https://twitter.com/baafinelson/status/1576728440928993280?t=pbcHsJTPHd6c-TB7JKrDNw&s=19

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