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Men: When Your Wife Is Pregnant, Do The Following Things For Her

Carrying a baby for nine good months is not an easy thing, at times a lot of men steer in different directions because they lose attraction of their pregnant wife. Look at the big picture she is carrying your baby, everything she does, everything she feels, everything she eats, everything also goes to the baby! And the whole process is a beautiful miracle, stay focused on her, all the sacrifices she makes and the miracle that is unfolding.

In this particular write-up, we shall look vital things a husband should do for their wife when she is pregnant.

Be careful of her hormonal state. Sometime maybe she yell at you, or say she hate you so much and so on. It’s just a hormonal imbalance, the fact is that she need you the most. Always support her and make sure she is happy. Because the kind-hearted treatment from her husband will influence the health state of your baby.

Make sure to keep her happy, and keep her emotions stable. Do this by focusing on her and letting her express how she feels, or what she wants, and make these things happen. If you hear her complaining about feeling fat, notate that and make sure to complement her more or give her affection- make her still feel sexy! If she wants ice cream at 1am, get her ice cream and have fun with it (don’t ever dare to plant a seed of worry in her mind about gaining unnecessary weight.

Stay focused on her needs and desires. Even if they seem irrational (How could you be tired if you slept 11 hours last night? How can you be hungry if we ate 30 minutes ago?) listen to her!

Exercise and intimacy are very very important. Don’t focus on exercise for weight gain prevention (she will gain weight no matter what), but for mental health. And regarding intimacy: Some women really want it and others don’t as much- regardless you still need to find ways to make her feel absolutely loved. If that means tons of sex, good for you. If it means not a ton of sex, but lots of quality time. Do whatever it takes to make her feel like the most important woman in the world.

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