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Monday, November 28, 2022

Lady Tells How Her Daughter’s Classmate Slept With Her And Got Her Pregnant After She Went To School

A lady called Faustina Somia Banfo who is a single mother from Asante -Bekwai tell a story about how her daughter’s classmate slept with her and got her pregnant after she went to school. According to Faustina, she struggled to cater for her daughter known as Catherine with the little money she earned from her business all this years.

The lady spoke about her daughter’s behavior claiming that her behaviour changed slightly when she entered high school, she had a suspicion that she may be seeing a man in the school but she denied ever dating a man. She trusted her and didn’t know Catherine was in a relationship whilst on campus.

The lady said her child had a bloated belly which indicates a possible pregnancy in her final year still she denied having intimate relations with a man. A few days later, a young man in their neighbourhood informed her that the young girl was pregnant, she trembled about this news but turned to her child and confronted her daughter about the man who made her pregnant.

Catherine never mentioned the name of the man she conceived for. Faustina says she became worried about her daughter’s condition so she even informed her pastor and church elders to interven to shame her into revealing her boyfriend’s name still her daughter refused to utter a word to any of them.

Faustina added that the young girl dropped out of school due to the pregnancy whilst her colleague were preparing for their final exams. The mother had no option than to continue catering for the young girl with her daily earnings till she gave birth. ‘Two months after Catherine gave birth, I again asked my daughter to tell me who got her pregnant, but she got angry and beat me for asking her such question’ Faustina says.

The mother says her daughter exhibited this behavior whenever she asked about the child’s father. Few days ago, she overheard Catherine chatting with her boyfriend on phone and they were having a discussing on how they could get on with their lives without family interference.

The lady claims she later made investigation and found out that it was her daughter’s classmate who slept with her and got her pregnant in the school but she was terrified to mention his name because of the man’s strict parents. Faustina says she has used all the money she had in catering for her child which has made her poor. Now she is asking her daughter’s boyfriend to pay back all the money she spent on her and also fulfill his obligations.

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Faustina Somia Banfo
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