How Are GES Lower Ranks And Higher Ranks Promoted?

After performing aptitude exams and work inspections, the Ghana Education Service (GES) annually promotes teachers who are eligible to do so based on their various merit-based rankings.

In this article, we will outline the procedures so that teachers who are eligible for GES promotion will understand them.

Clarification on How Are Teachers at the Lower Rank Promoted in GES

Teachers at the lower rank in GES are promoted by applying to their education directorates for onward inspections of fieldwork. After inspection, teachers who pass have their data sent to GES Headquarters through the Regional Education Office.

The GES Headquarters, together with CAGD, is therefore responsible for inputting new grades of qualified teachers and having their salaries paid. The various district, municipal, and metro education directorates have no control over the promotion of lower-ranking teachers.

The only way for teachers at the lower rank to get promoted is to let their teacher union prompt the government to expedite action on their promotion and payment.

How Are GES Higher Ranks promoted?

Higher-rank GES staff are promoted after writing and passing an aptitude test conducted by the service. This is always conducted either twice or once every year. After every test, the results are published on the official portal of GES (

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