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Friday, December 2, 2022

Social Media Set Ablaze After Popular Radio Station Shares This Photo

Social media users could not stop talking after a popular radio station shared a photo of a chair used in a Ghanaian home. The chair which has been used for a couple of years has something unique about it that most Ghanaians haven’t taken note of. The plastic chair has a hole on its top and most people do not know its function of it. The renowned radio station took the opportunity after sharing to ask its followers about its main function.

Some of the reactions were based on scientific knowledge about how materials expand when heat is applied to them. That could be true because thermal expansion occurs when metal or plastic materials are exposed to heat. Materials of such nature respond quickly to heat and therefore begin to expand. The hole was created basically for that reason but most people believe there is another function to it. Their reactions to some extent are quite funny but make a lot of sense they believe to be part.

Kindly check out some of the reactions beneath,

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