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My stroke wasn’t spiritual – Kunta Kinte finally reveals cause of illness » ™

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Ghanaian rapper Kunta Kinte of the music duo Bradez has disclosed that he does not believe that his ailment was caused by any spiritual forces.

Kunta Kinte got a stroke at the peak of his career making him take a long break from the music space. According to the rapper, he does not think his illness was caused by any spiritual force.

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According to Kunta Kinte, he got a stroke many years because of the negligence of a medical doctor who injected him with the wrong medication.

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“I won’t blame anyone because that blame game is one of our biggest problems. Now, people are going after these pastors because they are now enlightened. I will just blame the doctor; he was the one who made me so. He gave me the wrong injection, that is all.

“I won’t blame anyone; it is not the doing of a woman or anybody…I don’t believe in all those kinds of things. I believe in me, and I believe in God; that is it,” the rapper disclosed in an interview on Wontumi TV.

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Recounting the circumstances that landed him in a wheelchair, Kunta Kinte stated that a medical doctor diagnosed him with malaria without any further testing and injected him with a drug that rendered him paralyzed.

“I am tired of talking about my sickness…it happened when I was in school at Legon, that was the time we had released our hit song ‘Simple’. I had finished performing it, and so when I got to Legon Hall, I witnessed some of my friends jamming to it. All of a sudden, I wasn’t feeling like I used to, so Hagan Brown put me in her car and drove me to the Evandy Hostel.”

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“After a nap, I was sent to CC, Legon Hospital…there was a long queue and so when it finally got to my turn, the doctor asked my name and said I wasn’t sick.

“He said I was suffering from simple malaria, and so he injected me, and that was what caused it (stroke). Honestly, had I known, I would have taken some medication, so in case it was even a stroke, I would have solved it,” said the rapper.

Source: www.ghbase.com

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