My Fellow Journalists Made Me Sad And Heartbroken When They Laughed At Hammond’s Words; Hughes Said

John Hughes is a Ghanaian professional journalist, who deals specifically in controversial news cases on Johnnie’s bite every morning.

On Jonnie’s bite today, Jonnie Hughes revealed that it was not right for the young people who claim that they are journalists to have laughed, during the time that Kobina Tahir Hammond poured out insulting words on the youth.

He added that, he became very hurt and felt broken that the journalists felt happy and excited about the comments that Kobina Tahir Hammond made about the Ghanaian youth.

Sadness filled my heart and soul after my fellow colleagues laughed with excitement over words and comments that are dampening to the spirit of young people.

“That was an unfortunate comments and you see I felt even bad and sad when my own colleagues journalists were laughing at some of those comments that were dampening the spirit of young people. I felt so bad that my colleagues were laughing at it”. Jonnie Hughes revealed.

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