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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Cal Asset Management introduces 2 new investment products

Cal Asset Management, a subsidiary of Cal Bank Plc has unveiled two new products onto the capital market with the specific aim of providing sound emergency and retirement funds for individuals and families.

The products are Cal Advantage and Cal Benefit Unit Trusts.

Speaking at the launch, Chief Executive of Cal Asset Management, James Elijah Donkoh said the introduction of these two products is designed to address the financial needs of both existing and prospective customers.

“Even if you have these investments somewhere, you just take some. Take some, take care of your medical needs. Your children are free, you are also free, you don’t rely on anybody, and financial independence is key”.

“So that is the balance fund, which is equity and fixed income together looking into the long term. Then we have the benefit which is fixed income. So we are looking at emergencies.”

“I mean, you’ll be out there and your car will break down. You don’t need to call your friends, I need money”, he added.  

He emphasised the importance of these two products to individuals and families.

“So if you have money sitting somewhere, go and take some and invest into these products. Continue to invest. When your children are going to school, you don’t go around borrowing from family, friends to pay their school fees”.

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