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Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Only People Who Don’t Feel The Heat In Ghana Are NPP Folks But We Must Respect Our President

Professor Ransford Gyampo, a Lecturer at the University of Ghana has asserted that, the only people to hat don’t feel the hardship in Ghana now are NPP government appointees and article 71 holder’s. He added that despite the difficulties in the country, we can’t throw away our culture so we must respect the President.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Tuesday, he wrote;

“We are Ghanaians, a well cultured people and must go back to our values that found a decent way of expressing dissent. We need not be emotional and indulge in irrational politics of equalization and comparison, that copies and perpetuate bad practices all the time, else our drive towards democratic maturity would be too long. “

Prof added that, there were times when Akuapim people were very civil and decorous even when they were insulting. Have we forgotten the “me pa wo ky3w se wo y3 aboa” expression? Among my Fanti, people, especially those of us from Saltpond, Ghana’s Political Mecca, we never feared the Police, yet we also believed in the expression “aban ye dur” (government is heavy).

This guided our , conduct and attitude towards the Police even when they had incurred our displeasure. Until recently, you could not slap back a Police Officer, not because he was too strong as person, but because of the OFFICE and POSITION he occupied in his or her uniform. 

We do not like how the country is being governed. Times are too hard and there is a feeling of despondency among many Ghanaians. The only crop of people who do not feel the heat in Ghana’s current economy are NPP government appointees, and article 71 office holders. Prof added.

This is what has filled the body politic with intense anger to the point that, even the beneficiaries of power are suddenly cowed into fear and are unable to speak out against this singular act that has monumentally embarrass their appointing authority. He remarked.

But I speak for Ghana and I don’t care swimming against the tide, particularly when I know that, human beings are generally creatures of emotions and not creatures of logic. I insist we cannot throw our culture of courtesy, respect and civility to the dogs. The OFFICE and POSITION of the PRESIDENCY that transcends the individual occupying it, MUST be respected by ALL, regardless of its occupant and irrespective of how we feel against the occupant of the OFFICE. 

No nation develops without its culture, so it’s completely out of place to use bogus examples that are at variance with cultural values to justify acts of disrespect. Barack Obama, George Bush, Emmanuel Macron etc all suffered disrespect but these must not be our yardstick.

A few days ago, Patrons at the 2022 Global Citizen Festival, we are told, hooted at President Akufo-Addo when he mounted the podium to deliver a speech at last night’s event held at the Black Star Square in Accra.

Thousands of patrons turned up at the event grounds to witness the international festival, with several local and international artistes performing. But when the President mounted the stage to address the crowd, people started chanting and hooting at the President, making it difficult for him to deliver his address. 

We will speak against this act of disrespect against the President and the PRESIDENCY, regardless of how angry we are, and the fact that, we would even be leading labor once again to go on strike very shortly. 

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Ransford Gyampo
University of Ghana
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