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Friday, December 9, 2022

My life Story as a Teacher

Most of you on here know me as a teacher – kids teacher, but I’m specialized in being a lifelong teacher, not only for kids. I spend resources, 90% of my revenue in gathering books, enrolling in courses, and travelling to and fro places that allows me to learn how to help others become better. Those who have had physical encounters with me, know I have a passion for learning and teaching others to be better.

My passion is to cause a positive paradigm shift, hence choosing to teach. My focus is to train people full of compassion, vision and above all people who would do every day, something to change the world for the better.

I also spend time talking to young people. Yes, young people because like faith, they need to hear that we must not do things because that is how it’s done but for change.

I also have a passion to teach people that laughter and inner joy is essential for change, hence having so many comedians as friends and an industry I will personally finance. And that is why once in a while, I write comic cues.

Here, I love to tell true stories. The majority of my writings are non-fictional, and that puts me in a place of errors than when I attempt fiction. However, I’m grateful for the life of people who DM me to correct grammatical errors, hide identities and reconstruct sentences. Thank you all for this beautiful feedback (not mentioning names).

I’m not here to tell you my ambitions. No! Just here to remind you that the young man you’re reading from believes that I can change the world. And, I am on it.

Tb Prince || Teacher || Writer || Speaker

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