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Any Time Ghanaians Demonstrate Against NPP Government, They Tell Us It Was Orchestrated By The NDC

Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A Plus has asserted that any time Ghanaians demonstrate against or criticise the performance of the NPP government, NPP communicators will tell us that it was orchestrated by the NDC.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Monday, 26th September, 2022, A Plus wrote;

“You see, let me tell you this “plain plain”. If you are looking for aggrieved Ghanaians today, please, go to Kyebi!! Go to Akropong!! Is KC not from Kyebi? He is only smiling with you ooo. He is very angry. He told me. Nana Fredua “koraa” I’m sure he is more angrier than the moment God saw Eve biting his apple into two.”

A Plus lamented that What about “Enterprise SIC ( an Insurance ) is complaining that government is taking over their work. Did Asiedu Nketia send KKD? If all angry Ghanaians are NDC members, then tell you what, NDC has gained a lot of members in Kyebi and Ghana as a whole!

A Plus advised the NPP to get serious and stop this misbehaving. The fact that someone is not happy with the NPP or the president doesn’t mean the person is an NDC member.

“In fact, NPP members are like many Jehovah’s Witnesses. If they leave JW, they hardly join another church. Many NPP members are not robots. They are very objective and sensible. Nana Akomea said on Good morning Ghana that he is disappointed in Akufo Addo and his government. He stated that this kind of leadership is not what he expected. Is he NDC? Did NDC send him to Good Morning Ghana?” A Plus remarked

He cited example that Honorable Kennedy Agyapong criticized the governments decision to go to IMF. Is he NDC? You see how popular he has become in the party? He is going to win your presidential primaries. The people are tired of your outmoded communication style.

According to A Plus, Ghanaians are looking for people who at least APPEAR honest. Not praise singers who defend every nonsense. That is why Hon Kennedy Agyapong is winning. If you don’t see him winning then you don’t have any business being in politics. 

He added that Leadership is 90% communication and 10% facts. Your downfall is not NDC. It is your poor communicators. He asserted.

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