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The African Country Where Men Must Marry More Than One Wife Or Risk Going To Jail

According to JLF magazine, polygamy refers to the practice of marrying many wives. It was strongly encouraged in African culture but it is not promoted in today’s generation, particularly among Christians. I’m going to tell you about the only African country where the government encourages males to marry multiple wives. Furthermore, having only one wife may result in you being imprisoned.

Eritrea is a small African republic in the northeastern part of the continent and shares a border with Ethiopia, Sudan, and Djibouti. The government of this African country is the only one that pushes males to marry at least two women or face being imprisoned. The government adopted this step in response to the country’s recent civil war with Ethiopia, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of men leaving behind women and girls.

Any married woman who prohibits or seeks to prevent her husband from marrying another wife faces a prison sentence. Wives are also expected to push their husbands to marry more wives to avoid being imprisoned. A life sentence in prison with hard labor is the penalty for refusing to marry at least two wives.

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