It’s Annoying When Some Try To Compare The Current Failure To What We Rejected In 2016

Pharmacist and CDD-Ghana Fellow, Kwame Sarpong Asiedu has asserted that it is more annoying when some try to compare the current failure of Akufo-Addo’s government to what Ghanaians rejected in 2016. He is of the view that, the rejection was based on what NPP government promised and an expectation to deliver without global excuses. 

In a post shared on his official Facebook page, Kwame Aseidu Sarpong wrote;

“So after six years, the comparison should be between what was promised and what has been delivered and not what those we rejected delivered. Leave us to lick our wounds and tell you how you compare. If we did, you may not like what you hear. However, achieving the worst Afrobarometer should be a guide.”

You can’t come and raise our expectations and perform woefully by crashing the economy and taking us to the IMF cup in hand. Now, you tell us we must be patriotic and keep faith with the economy you ravaged. Who should take a haircut when you government looks like an overgrown Afro? Do we look like idiots because your belly full and we are hungry? He remarked.

The Pharmacist quizzed that NPP government were warned many times when they tried to collateralize everything the underpants we wear. Did you not call us names and say you had all the credentials from the best institutions on planet earth? How come those credentials led to this catastrophic crash? He added.

Please you have caused us enough pain with many losing the value of their investments and life savings. Don’t make it even more difficult by playing on our intelligence. We may not be as aggressive as the Sri Lankans, we like our peace but that doesn’t make us stupid. Always remember, a hungry man is an angry man. He ended.

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