Here Are Some Great Players In Europe Who Were Rejected By Chelsea Football Club.

Chelsea football club is one of the biggest football clubs in Europe, they have made lost lots of great talents due to some reason.

Here are some great players in Europe who were rejected by Chelsea football club at the early stage of their football career:

On the first spot we have Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City, the mid fielder once came to Chelsea but he was rejected due to his style of play. Now he is one of the greatest mid fielders in Europe for Manchester city.

On the second spot we have Mohammed Salah of Liverpool, the striker once come to Chelsea football club but he was sold to a different club because his style of play didn’t suit that of Chelsea. And now he is the top scorers for Liverpool football club and has also won trophies with Liverpool ever since he joined them.

So these are some great players who were rejected by Chelsea at their early stage of their career.

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Kevin De Bruyne
Mohammed Salah