DKB Exposes One Common ‘Lie’ Celebrities Tell

Ghanaian comedian and actor, Derick Kobina Bonney, professionally known as DKB has exposed one common ‘lie’ celebrities tell. 

Celebrities give excuses when they refuse to respond to messages in their message box. They usually say they’re busy when asked in an interview. 

Fans express anger and pain anytime their messages are unread. 

However, DKB has debunked the claims by celebrities on the call why they refuse to reply to messages. 

According to DKB, people shouldn’t fall for such excuses by celebrities that they are too busy to check their messages, notifications, and the rest. 

He said celebrities get back to their phones after work.

DKB writes; 

“Let no celebrity lie to you that they are too busy to check msgs, notifications etc.

Forget it, we are all unemployed! there is no desk we report to 😂.

We are the controllers of our business, if we are not on stage or set, guess what we do with our time!

On our DAMN PHONES!😂” 

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