TV3 Johnny Hughes Opens Up; Where Were You When He Was Chased Out? – I Blame The Youth In This Country

Readers can recall how Johnny Hughes has continuously campaigned that the youth should be accorded leadership roles in governance.

Johnny Hughes can be remembered for doing an editorial on the GES deputy director’s post-retirement contract. He vehemently opposed the year extensions accorded the deputy director and why the man’s contract has been extended on three different occasions.

” He is 63 years and his appointment has been renewed three times; one-year appointment after another. I do not know if that is the Agenda 111″.

According to Johnny Hughes, the government’s appetite for extending contracts of retirees demotivates the youth who are qualified for such positions.

In another editorial, Johnny could be remembered for opposing the renewal of the contract for the Ghana Immigrations Boss. Johnny can be remembered for stating that the GIS Boss was a lawyer and had no special military skills. Johnny defended that it was of no use to the country to give a two-year extension to the GIS boss.

On Friday 26th August 2022, Johnny Hughes reminded us that the post-retirement appointment of government officials should be stopped to allow younger officials to serve in leadership capacities.

“The President asked Ghanaians to be citizens and not spectators and so he must listen to us. I blame the youth who click to share and like government issues without expressing their grievances”.

According to Johnny Hughes, the teacher unions have written several times that they do not want the deputy director due to the ‘terror’ that he creates by transferring staff without any mercy.

Johnny Hughes indicated his displeasure when SSNIT asked the retirement age of workers to be extended to 65 years.

“Where was SSNIT when Nana Addo was chasing Domelevo because he was sixty years? We have to be serious as a country. The government is not interested in solving the problem but interested in breaking the eight years”

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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