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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Reggie Rockstone’s wife and daughter involved in an accident

The wife of veteran Hiplife artiste Reggie Rockstone and his daughter were involved in an accident on Wednesday.

In a video shared on Reggie Rockstone’s Instagram page, Zilla Limann and her daughter, Zuzu, were captured on camera sitting in their car parked on the side of the road.

She was reprimanding her daughter for playing with a taser on one of their usual morning recordings. While having the conversation, their car was hit from behind, causing Zilla to spill her drink all on her shirt.

The mother and daughter were visibly shaken following the incident with the Zuzu constantly checking on her mother to see if she was okay.

After recovering from the initial shock Zilla Limann got out of her car to check the damage and called on her daughter to record the damage. The accident had left a huge dent on her car.

When she confronted the other driver, who was using a company car, their conversation got heated after she questioned him. The driver instead pinned the blame on Zilla Limann stating that her car was parked on the road, not on the side.

But during their heated interactions, he threatened to slap Zuzu if she did not stop recording. This angered Zilla and later Reggie Rockstone who came to check on his family.

The couple insisted the driver take accountability. They called the company to report the accident and followed the driver to his company offices where they met and discussed the situation with the bosses.


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