August 2022 Validation Would Be Published As Soon As Payroll Reports Are Ready -CAGD Sends Message

Government or public sector workers are paid by the government through the CAGD every month but have to follow due process before salaries are paid.

Following that, the Controller and Accountant General Department responsible for processing Salary of Public Sector Workers has sent an important message concerning the delay in August 2022 GOG payroll validation.

A message shared on its platform and made available to the general public reads as follows;


August 2022 validation would be published as soon as our Payroll reports are ready. Please do the needful soon as the PVS are published. We are a bit behind schedule. Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience. 

For; Director Payroll CAGD”.

What Might Have Caused The Delay

The Government has assured public sector workers that the 15% Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) which they negotiated in July will reflect in August 2022 payroll. Perhaps it’s processing may account for that.

Background To Validation

In December 2019, the Controller and Accountant General (CAG) announced that it had rolled out the Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (E-SPV) system.

The CAGD then indicated that employees in the public sector will only be paid by the CAGD if both Heads of Management Units and Human Resource (HR) officers defined on the E-SPV system have validated their wages for the month. Employees operating under those Management Units would not be paid by the system if Heads of Management Units and HR officers did not validate their pay.

Since then, a worker has to be validated by his or her head of management unit before salaries can be pushed to the banks.

What Should Workers Do?

Workers are to wait and Validators are to be alert as to when CAGD will open the ESPV Validation return system for this month.

Will The Delay In Validation Affect Time For Salary Payment?

Usually validation comes around 18th to 20th of each month. As at 21st August 2022, it is yet to come. After Validation it takes about 4-6 days before salaries are forwarded to be credited to individual bank accounts. Based on that, its likely that payment will delay.

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