Meet the 90-year-old man who never had sex with any woman

Mr. Baizire Jean Marie, a 90-year-old man on an interview with newsmen, gave surprising facts about his life. Below was the response from the old man when he was interviewed.

On an interview with newsmen, the 90-year-old man made it clear that he spent his entire life in his village without going anywhere. He said he wanted to have a child like other people but because he had not been in a romantic relationship with any woman before, he is yet to achieve his dream.

The old man revealed that he has lost feelings of love with women, so he would not border himself searching for a woman to may. “I am called Baizire Jean Marie. I am 90 years of age. I have been living in this village for my whole life and have never got married or met any woman. That means, I am still single.” He stated.

People leaving in the same community with Baizire confirmed his story and revealed that the 90-year-old man doesn’t have any illness that will stop him from having romantic relationships with women. They attributed his condition to spiritual problems. The 90-year-old man insisted that he is not used to interacting with women, even though he wishes he could have done so, but the idea of making love with a woman became his thoughts.

Most people could not believe the old man’s story about his life when he said he never had sex with a woman nor had a girlfriend before. Many people who stayed in the same community with the old man confirmed all that the old man says to be true. What would you do now if you were the old man? Is it possible to live your entire life without sex? Should the old man still search for a wife?

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Baizire Jean Marie