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Sunday, September 25, 2022

It Is An Embarrassment That Needs To Be Gotten Rid Of- Kennedy Agyapong Boldly Speaks

Kennedy Agyapong is more interested in building this country than his personal business, at least this is what he has made clear to the entire country.

Kennedy Agyapong has been very concerned about youth empowerment as well and this is what fuels his interest in programs that educate the youth and the entire country on how Ghana can be saved from these economic shackles.

kennedy Agyapong whiles speaking at the Guidance Conference in Takoradi today at the Akoroma Plaza Conference revealed that there are so many ways of handling very sensitive matters or issues. He touched on several issues with independence of this country and it’s miscorrelation with the progress of this country.

Kennedy stated that there are several ways one can achieve their goals and other ways they can go astray. He used the African continent as an example and stated that, Africa for instance has all it takes to top the world market. It is an embarrassment that needs to be gotten rid of.

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Kennedy Agyapong
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