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Thursday, September 29, 2022

I wish I was a Ghanaian instead of Dutch

Dutch-born in Ghana, Marli Van Iwaarden, has stated that she wished her mum had chosen for her to be a Ghanaian and not a citizen of the Netherlands.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, she revealed that despite being her place of birth, she could attain dual citizenship and her mother had to choose between both countries. However, after years of staying in Ghana, she wishes her mum had made her a Ghanaian.

Born at Akwatia, Eastern Region, her mother migrated to the Northern part of Ghana for work. Locals in the community named her Lamisi (female Thursday born). Lamisi mentioned that she wishes to settle in Ghana, but the process has been difficult.

“Every year, I apply for a resident permit, non-resident ID, and other things. The money aspect is also tough. I have a job in Ghana, so I take cedis, not euros. I pay about 6,000 to 7,000 cedis a year depending on the dollar rate,” she said.

In response to why she is not considered a citizen despite being born here, Lamisi revealed that “I heard Netherlands and Ghana do not have that relationship to grant dual citizenship, so they asked my mum to choose.”

“According to my mum, she chose the Netherlands to be on the safer side for education, family, and the chance to go back if anything happens in Ghana. I wish she chose Ghana now.”

She mentioned some differences she has seen between both countries since she left Ghana in 2013.

“I prefer Ghana to Holland because Ghana is free. Everything is about appointments, but in Ghana, you just visit the person. I know the economy is bad, but it is tougher here. Many Ghanaians here are cleaners because their certificates don’t have value here due to the language difference,” she added.


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