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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Sex Wahala: Slay Queen Receives The Unexpected Gift After Sleeping With Man. (VIDEO)

In recent times, hookups has become the order of day and the means a lot of young ladies use to make money these days. They meet people for the purpose of getting intimate, generally not having any sort of relationship afterwards. Meeting someone new, or someone you already know and proceeding to having sexual intercourse without any intention of keeping a relationship type commitment is quite a big deal.

A young lady (name withheld) has been left in a state of despair, shock and confusion. After going on a hookup and having a one night stand with a man, her life just took an unexpected turn around. After hookup with an unidentified man, she received a gift from the man. Apparently she did not open the gift to check the contents until she got home.

Fortunately for her, when she opened the gift, it was a whopping amount of money. But unfortunately for her also, the money had a writing “STD” on it. Meaning she has been infected with a sexually transmitted disease from the man and he wants her to use the money to seek medical treatment. The name of the STD was not stated by the man and this has left this young with sorrow, since she has no idea about the kind of STD she has contracted. In a video share online, she is seen lamenting bitterly with regrets and disappointment.

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