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Lady Tells What Happened After Her Friend Introduced Her To An Investment Company To Work With Them

Agartha Bruwaa is a 48 years old lady from Odomase in Sunyani recounts on what happened after her friend introduced her into an investment to work with them. According the lady, her church member who is also her friend named Akosua Adutwumwaa introduced her to an investment popularly known as QNET to work with them. Akosua convinced her that she has been earning money from the investment she made with the .

She too became interested and went to the to make enquiries. Agartha said she was asked to fill out a form and was requested to invest an amount of GHC4,300 before she will start earning from it. The lady said she was not having that amount of money but they keep giving her pressure to invest her money. She firstly paid GHC1,000 to the , three months later she paid another GHC2,500 and her friend too added her money to meet the requirements.

Agartha claims that she worked with the for several months but she didn’t get any payments from them. A few months later they again told her to convince two people to also invest in their before she can receive any payment. Agartha said she then added her son’s name and pay another GHC3,500 to the still she didn’t receive any payments for two years now.

The lady states that she stopped going to the and focused on her trading. Few days ago, her son revealed to her that the QNET has collapsed and those who invested in the are going for their money. Agartha said she is now afraid she may loose her money and up to date too she has not received the GHC6,500 she invested in the .

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