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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Staffer At The Office Of The Vice President Finally Replies Hopeson Adorye

A major disagreement “fire” has been sparked in the New Patriotic Party following the statement Hopeson Adorye made yesterday at the “Walk for Alan”. Many neutral political analysts had pointed out that the “tribal and religious” conflict will spark in the New Patriotic Party but communicators from the NPP and members of the NPP refused to see this reality. Bawumia, perhaps out of fear, read in a speech that the New Patriotic Party must not allow religion to divide them or allow religion to be a factor in selecting leaders.

Today, a top staffer at the Office of the Vice President, Krobea Kwabena Asante, has replied Hopeson Adorye. He commented on Hopeson’s comment at the walk for Alan and the disclaimer Hopeson made. According to Krobea, the statement Hopeson made about Bawumia at the Walk was very toxic. He described it as a “toxic political speech”. He further made a claim that the disclaimer Hopeson made is even worse than the speech itself. Check out the full reply.

“The disclaimer is even worse than the toxic political speech he said in Kumasi. After running down Northerners and allied groups in the party. He takes his identity of political absurdity to politico-religious tragicomic by adding Muslims. Very insulting, again, check the part he said that *he never said in PLAIN WORDS that northerners are fit for only running mates.”

Krobea further reacted to the allegation that the video was doctored and tampered with. According to Krobea Kwabena Asante, nobody has the time to do that.

“Suffice it to say, Team Bawumia does not have time to doctor his video, the video was picked from their walls, so what is he saying? Did someone read through that disclaimer? He should calm down and reflect.”, he explained.

What is your view on this? Do you think Hopeson Adorye erred in his speech?


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