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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

NPP Must Listen: Forgive Alan For Voicing Out What You People Fear To Say- Top NDC Lawyer Speaks

A member of the NDC legal team, Edudzi Kudzo Tamakloe, has told the NPP the hard truth and this has caused some massive reactions on social media. Edudzi Tamakloe revealed that he has gotten wind of the information that many people in NPP who are supporting Dr. Bawumia to lead the NPP are doing that because they believe he merits it but purely on the basis of political correctness or convenience.

“In fact, one of them remarked, “if we don’t give it to BAWUMIA, we will destroy the gains we have made in the Northern regions. We prefer BAWUMIA as the flag bearer now, even if he loses the national election, we are okay with it. It will at least take the tag that we are Akan party off forever. It will give us a lifeline in the North. It is not easy to try winning elections with only two regions.”, Edudzi Tamakloe explained

Edudzi Tamakloe explained further that Bawumia himself is not thinking about this. Edudzi explained that Bawumia himself is consumed by ambition and he, Bawumia, can’t see that he is simply an ‘experiment’.

Edudzi called on the NPP to do the honorable thing of forgiving Hopeson because he only did what some people could not do.

“My senior brother from Atiavi, Hopeson, should be forgiven for letting out what many fear to say. Many in NPP know BAWUMIA has two fundamental problems to overcome nationally. The problem of demographics and the current nature of the economy. BAWUMIA made himself the poster boy of the economy. In Marketing, you are looking at a unique selling proposition. Smartly, with the terrible economic performance, he wants to recover some credibility with a focus on the digitized economy. The macro and microeconomic numbers are not good. It is difficult to explain away hardships.”, he explained.


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Edudzi Kudzo Tamakloe
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