You Wronged Us – Asiedu Nketiah Finally Tells Sefa Kayi When He Went On Peace FM Kokrokoo

The General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketiah has finally told the host of Peace FM Kokrokoo, Sefa Kayi that he wronged them and so he should apologize before they will come back to Kokrokoo. The NDC has boycotted Peace FM Kokrokoo for over two years now saying that the host of the program is biased toward them. They are still yet to return to the show.

Meanwhile, Asiedu Nketiah somehow joined the show today and was asked by Sefa Kayi when they are returning to Kokrokoo. Asiedu Nketiah then revealed that they won’t join Kokrokoo until Sefa Kayi comes to their office and apologize to them because he has offended them.

“ The NDC coming back to Peace FM is dependent on you(Sefa Kayi). You have wronged us and so you need to come to our office and apologize and settle everything otherwise we are not coming back.” Asiedu Nketiah boldly said this to Kwame Sefa Kayi.

When Safe Kayi asked him what he did to wrong the NDC, Asiedu Nketiah replied that “Peace FM is not court” and he walked out.

What are your views on NDC boycotting Peace FM Kokrokoo? Do you think they should never return or do you think it’s time they returned?

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