Emi Fanny Introduces Country Gospel

One of UK-based Ghanaian gospel artistes, Emi Fanny, who announced her presence on the music industry some years back, has introduced country gospel music to promote Ghanaian gospel music on the international gospel music platform.

Emi Fanny, who is seen as an inspiration, has indeed proven beyond all reasonable doubt that she is among a few gospel acts using music to promote the teachings of Christ.

Most of her songs have country gospel rhythms and beats, and can be downloaded from all digital music platforms.

Having sung for several years, Emi Fanny has performed at a number of gospel events in Ghana, Europe among others.

She says she wants to take Ghanaian gospel music to another level so that it reaches out to many communities with a message that is able to transform people’s lives for the better.

“We should keep gospel music alive by working hard, composing songs that inspire, teach and motivate people to do good,” she said.

According to her, gospel music is a powerful tool in provoking the presence of God and wants people to know that salvation is for everyone regardless of age, nationality or race.

She is currently promoting one of her country gospel songs titled ‘Beautiful Day’, a classical tune which was released last year centres on our soul connection to God and what He has asked us to do on earth.

Her music career started over a decade, and her performance in local and international churches with some top musicians spurred her on to take up gospel music to another level.

“For Emi, it is an honour and privilege to stand and lead God’s children in the art of spiritual intimacy in all genres. She understands that worship is what brings the overwhelming presence of God,” her management said.

The management team said the artiste who was nominated in 2018 at the National Gospel Awards in the Best Gospel Song category, decided to introduce country gospel music to help promote and improve the quality of Ghanaian gospel music on the market.

“We believe that music fans will love all the songs yet-to-be released by Emi Fanny, GMA-UK 2019 nominee in the UK-based Best Song of the Year category,” the management added.

Emi Fanny is currently enjoying number six position on UK-based Nashville radio (CMR Radio) chart this August with her country music, ‘Beautiful Day’.

By George Clifford Owusu