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5 Type of Friends You Need to Avoid If You Want to Succeed (Featured article)

As a person with big goals in life, you always need to choose your friends and associations wisely. You do not have to be around people who doo not have your best interest at heart. Selecting your friends means you will be setting boundaries for the people who you associate with. Here are five types of friends you must avoid in order to reach your goals in life.

The attention seeker

They will always be the one seeking attention for themselves. They want to be the center of attraction and they will sacrifice their dignity in order to get the validation they want. If you are in a group setting, they always want to be the one talking loudly and bringing up subjects for discussion just to gain attention. Those people really need to be avoided if you want to go a step further in life.

The jealous type

The jealous friend has an irritating feeling about you and it is hard for them to hide this feeling. You see it on their face and in how they behave because it always surfaces. After you cut ties with such people, your life accelerates for the better. You cannot afford to have jealous people around you if you want to reach higher in life.

The flirty friend

This one likes to flirt with your partner or friends of the opposite sex. You need to set boundaries around such people and give them warning to discontinue such behavior. They can destroy your long-time relationship with your family, friends and romantic partners and you must ensure that you avoid them at all cost.

The competitor

Some friends like to compare and compete with those around them. They have certain behaviors that forces them to compare and compete with others at all cost which is often done subconsciously. If you have somebody as a friend who is constantly comparing themselves with you and you can notice that they are hardcore competing with you, then you have a dysfunctional friendship. You must definitely end the friendship. You want to have somebody who wants the best for you and is not always competing with you.

The user

This person is just there to use you for their own agenda. This type of friend never gives back or return favors and is just friends with you because of their self-interest. They will always take from you and never give in return. This kind of friendship is not a healthy one and you must immediately discontinue being friends with such people.

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